Negin Saffron (11)


saffron-harvest   The undisputed capital for saffron production is Iran and the tradition dates back to more than 3000 years. Iran produces more than 90% of the 250 tons produced worldwide each year, using a unique ecological condition that delivers a strong-flavored crop that is a staple of local cuisine, cosmetics and traditional medicine.

Negin Saffron (11)


Question: What is the minimum order of saffron? Answer: 1kg is the minimum order of saffron Question: How much time does the saffron require to be transported? Answer: transportation time differs by the country. But it will never exceed a week. Question: What is the transportation mode? Answer: airfrieght Question: Is the mixed order acceptable? […]

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Pushal Saffron (Mancha saffron)

Pushal saffron contains the stigma with an approximate 3-5 mm style. This kind of saffron has lower color strength respect to Sargol saffron. It is produced at the early stages of harvesting season. This saffron grade is not cut like sargol and therefore contains more yellow parts from the style of the plant and higher […]

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Sargol Saffron (All Red Saffron)

This kind of saffron is pure and contains the stigma without the style. The Threads or stigma of the flower is the actual source of saffron. 105-115 kg of saffron flowers produces 1kg of sargol saffron. Persian Sargol saffron in Iran exceeding ISO 3632 Grade 1 standard and has very high quality.  In Spain it […]