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SAFFRON EXPORTER CO. has a reputation for being a leading producer and exporter of saffron- a reputation we have worked hard to earn. Our commitment to providing a positive, productive environment is so critical that it is one of our core values. We are fueled by our passion for gaining knowledge on how to come up with food safety measures to tackle with quality issues and provide adequate safeguards for public health. We have a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ needs and meeting the international safety standards helps the global market enjoy the natural spice which is grown in a country with a rich soil, sunshine and traditional agriculture techniques. For us, success is growth. If our customers are growing, our company is growing in our products, processes and profits.

iranian saffron
Saffron spice is the three red stigma of the purple Crocus sativa flower. It is an extremely ... MORE
iranian saffron
for more information about analyze and grades you can either contact us or click here... MORE
iranian saffron
Sample is free but courier (DHL, Aramex , TNT , …)expenses should paid by clients , ... MORE
iranian saffron
The undisputed capital for saffron production is Iran and the tradition dates back to more than 3000 years. Iran produces more than 90% of the 250 tons produced worldwide each year... MORE

Iran is considered as the cradle of the world’s saffron and accounts for 96% of world saffron output. Iran ranks first and far ahead of other countries where the saffron is grown and is pragmatically unrivalled in the world in saffron production. Due to its unique climatic zones and its natural flora (which is 4 times richer than Europe), Iran is able to cultivate the finest and best quality saffron in the world.

Iran’s home grown treasure, the red gold, is classified into various grades according to the relative amounts of red stigma and yellow styles it contains. Grades of Iranian saffron are: "sargol" (red stigma tips only, strongest grade), "pushal" (red stigmas plus some yellow style, lower strength) and "bunch" or “Dasteh” saffron (red stigmas plus large amount of yellow style).

Persian Saffron grows from late October to mid-November. Flowers are individually hand-picked when fully open early in the morning before the sunlight before the scent is lost to the heat of day. Then the purple stigma is separated from the purple crocus flower. Later, the drying process starts by sun-dried, or by the machine to ensure no dust come into contact with Saffron. It takes anything from 70,000 to 250,000 flowers to make one pound of saffron

iranian saffron

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iranian saffron

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iranian saffron

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