Iranian sargol saffron

Sargol saffron Sargol Saffron is Iran’s greatest saffron. It is also known as Persian Saffron, Iranian Saffron, or Color Gold, is distinguished by the vivid crimson red of its threads. It has a wonderful scent and flavor, as well as a strong coloring ability. Furthermore, the stigmas of genuine saffron thread are not glued together. Read More

why is saffron so expensive

Saffron Tea

Tea sometimes referred to as an infusion or “steeping” saffron. This is exactly the same principle you use in making any tea – the longer the saffron steeps, the stronger its flavor, aroma and color.Where saffron preparation differs from tea is that you can release saffron effectively in hot liquid such as water, broth or Read More

why is saffron so expensive

Saffron cake

Cornish saffron cake is made to celebrate Easter. Saffron corms were traded in exchange for tin, with seafaring Phoenicians. The saffron was bought and sold in Drachmas. Russians also make a saffron cake at Easter called Kulich. Where a little saffron and raisins, chopped nuts, and candied fruit are added to a normal pound cake Read More