saffron-harvest   The undisputed capital for saffron production is Iran and the tradition dates back to more than 3000 years. Iran produces more than 90% of the 250 tons produced worldwide each year, using a unique ecological condition that delivers a strong-flavored crop that is a staple of local cuisine, cosmetics and traditional medicine.



Question: What is the minimum order of saffron? Answer: 1kg is the minimum order of saffron Question: How much time does the saffron require to be transported? Answer: transportation time differs by the country. But it will never exceed a week. Question: What is the transportation mode? Answer: airfrieght Question: Is the mixed order acceptable? Read More

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About Farzin group companies: Company Name: Farzin Rock Stone Co.Trade name: Iran Saffron exporter (ISE)Established: 1992 by AnahitaOwnership: PrivateTotal number of employee in head office: 10 members project manager & member of the board: Mrs. Nosrat Processing & Exporting of all kind of Saffron: … Iran head officeAddress:Unit#E,2nd Floor No.55, Allameh Tower, North Allameh St, East Sarv St.kaj Read More

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Saffron and Iran are uniquely linked together. Iran harvests about 80% of the world’s production of saffron. Despite its small size, this spice is quite expensive, and is suitable for many applications. {japopup type=”image” title=”Sargol Bunch Saffron” content=”images/stories/saffron-exporter/Sargol-Bunch.jpg”} {/japopup} {japopup type=”image” title=”Top Quality Sargol saffron AAA” content=”images/stories/saffron-exporter/TopQuality-Sargol-saffron.jpg”} {/japopup} {japopup type=”image” title=”Sargol Saffron” content=”images/stories/saffron-exporter/Sargol-Saffron.jpg”} {/japopup} {japopup Read More