easy saffron syrup recipe – how to prepare saffron syrup

easy saffron syrup recipe - how to prepare saffron syrup

Saffron syrup is one of the nutritious and unique Iranian syrups, which is widely used in hot seasons especially to prevent heatstroke, therefore we will teach you how to make it at your home very easily.


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All the ingredients you are going to need for saffron syrup:

Ground saffron 1/2 tablespoon

Rosewater 1/4 cup

Half a liter of water

Sugar as desired

Lemon juice 1 tbsp.


How to prepare the saffron syrup :


The first stage is brewing saffron

First, we have to prepare the saffron, and to do this, we pour the saffron into the hanger and beat it well, and then we pour it into a glass and then we fill the glass with boiling water and cover the glass with a plate so that it brews nice and easy. when you feel the saffron is some brewed, you can put a piece of ice in a glass it will have better color, you can also brew the saffron on the steam instead of pouring an ice cube.


second Stage :

Then put a saucepan on medium heat and add half a liter of water and add as much sugar as you want (the use of sugar depends on your taste if you prefer your syrup much sweeter add more sugar to it) and mix well to combine well, then let it boil for about 20 minutes until it reaches a better consistency.


Third Stage :

When the mixture of sugar and water reaches a good consistency, add the brewed saffron and stir, then add rosewater and lemon juice in order, and stir.


Fourth Stage :

After 20 minutes, when the syrup boils and reaches a suitable consistency, turn off the heat and let the saffron syrup cool a bit. You can also use chia seed and Descurainia Sophia to serve this syrup.


Tips for preparing homemade saffron syrup :

If you use high heat in the preparation of this syrup to reach the proper consistency sooner, your syrup will eventually become sugary.


Instead of using rose water, you can use spring orange, or cardamom, depending on your taste.

To serve saffron syrup, you should fill 1/3 glass of saffron syrup and the rest with water so that its concentration is appropriate, yummy.


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